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My new, um, virtual reality?

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

I must first acknowledge that I am one of the lucky ones. I have taken my education, experience, expertise, and the leveraged the current healthcare landscape to work from home. I had all the tools, and was afforded my graduate degree starting block-to create an on-line representation of me. I think of myself as a memoji, an alter ego of sorts-slapping away on my laptop and generating an on-line persona. How lucky am I, or should I say "we"?My presumption is that if you are a consumer of an on-line health blog, you too are still wearing your slippers and, if you resemble me, it is doubtful that you've brushed your teeth......yet.

I consider my current fortune and the years I have spent commuting, working in offices, waiting idle for meetings to begin. Its a bizarre circumstance that has my family hunkered in their respective corners of the house, and the idea of a night 'out'-a truly foreign concept: the here and now.

Which brings me to my rambling postulate: as my services are now being sought, and searched: SEO as the new paradigm of communication-what is this new virtual reality going to be worth when the world returns to pre-Covid. I sought a new career path when the virus took firm grasp of my healthcare sector, and now, with the proverbial light in the distance, we must all take stock in our current landscapes and wonder aloud (or quietly, so as not to disturb a kid's home school lesson or spouse's virtual meeting) if this is the permanent alternative to a consideration previously known as work/life balance. Now its just life.

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