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[CRACKED] Download DLTY Rar

I downloaded this mod and had a good "road test" of it.1 . When using the hover tank it would occasionally crash altogether so i ended up not using it.2 . Some of the seperatist troops in the towers could not be killed no matter how many times they wer shot ... strange3 . I managed to clear out the last fort of all enemies bar 1 guy in the turret who like the guys in the tower was immortal so it never ended....4 . There was no bacta ANYWHERE in the map5 . Up until the area near the rocket tanks any enemies dying and dropping their weapons they could not be picked up... baaah6. The last couple of bases before the "big boss base" had no AMMO recharger so i found myself having to "tab back" 1 mile to get topped up with ammo as the army lounged about..7. I have been modding rc myself and experimenting for a few years with it so some of the way the files are organised seem strange.The texture packs dont have to OVERWRITE the existing as do the staticmeshes The textures and meshes could all have been in packs ROTE.utx and ROTE.usx even the new properties can be in a new pakage ROTE.u except for the minimal amount needed for resetting the players weapons and or skeletal mesh...... i can show the modder how to do this,8. The new weaps could all easily have 2 zoom 85 and 65 and the blaster with zoom the zoom feature was laggy as mode can be copied an renamed and have a NEW TEXTURE ... visionmodeE11

Download DLTY rar




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