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[S1E10] Hell Storm

Wade: It was a helluva thing ridin' with you.Elsa: It was a helluva thing ridin' with you.Colton: It wasn't the damndest drive that I was prettier 'an you. You'll always be the one that got away, Elsa.Elsa: Colton, you gotta be pretty damned good lookin' to think the one you never had got away from you. Go back to Texas, you pretty son of a bitch.

[S1E10] Hell Storm

There is a moment when your dreams and your memories merge together and form a perfect world. That is heaven, and each heaven is unique. It is the world of you. The land is filled with all you will do, and the sky is your imagination. My heaven is filled with good horses and open plains and wild cattle and a man who loves me. It is always sunrise in my world, and there are no storms. I am the only lightning. I know death now. I've seen it. It had no fangs. It smiled at me, and it was beautiful.

The House of the Dragon Season 1 finale is almost upon us. The penultimate episode on Sunday night set up an explosive finale next week, with the entirety of House Targaryen on the brink of war. With Viserys dead and Aegon II now on the Iron Throne, hell is about to break loose, and the devastating war known as the Dance of the Dragons is about to begin. This is an event that fans have been waiting for all season, and it will likely bring with it a devastating death before the season finale comes to a close.

HBO released a preview trailer for the Season 1 finale after the new episode debuted and it featured a lot of high-octane action. Some of the footage features dragons flying through a rainstorm, which sets up the first major death of the Dance of the Dragons. Take a look at the trailer below!

Aemond follows Lucerys away from Storm's End, riding the mighty dragon Vhagar, one of the original three beasts that helped conquer Westeros. The two duel out over the sea in the middle of a storm, with Aemond and his dragon ultimately winning the conflict, killing Lucerys and leaving his body washed up on the shores of Storm's End.

Madam Satan sits by the fire as she tells a mysterious someone about the night of the storm. She goes on to say that all the signs were there: a dead bird brought in by a cat, the spilled bottle of black ink, a broken mirror in an empty room, a loaf of bread split cleanly down the middle, and a blind woman knitting her own death shroud aware of what's coming.

At the Desecrated Church, Father Blackwood claims that the Dark Lord is angry with them for their disregard of witch-law but then Ambrose and Luke storm into the church and reveal that the Greendale Thirteen have returned. Last night, they rose to call forth their Crimson Avenger. Tomorrow night, during the witching hour, they will release their Red Angel of Death and it will go forth and kill every firstborn in Greendale. Father Blackwood tells them not to worry and that they'll just hide at the academy since it's magically protected. Sabrina worries about the mortals but Father Blackwood tells her to let them go to their false god to safety. He reminds everyone that they have to be at the academy at midnight or else.

Most of the mortals of Greendale gather at Baxter High. Principal Hathorne shares with Madam Satan how he's always been fascinated with tornados ever since seeing the Wizard of Oz. He suggests that the two of them get a drink after the storm passes.

Susie finds Roz with Nana Ruth, who doesn't want to leave her home, forcing Roz to stay as well because she doesn't want to leave her grandmother behind. They reveal to Susie that what's coming isn't a storm, rather the Greendale Thirteen and their Crimson Avenger. Susie begs Roz to leave, but when she refuses, Susie decides to stay with her.

After the storm has passed, Dr. Cerberus walks Hilda home. He tells her it's going to be a beautiful day and they kiss. As he walks away, his eyes glow yellow, suggesting that he's not mortal after all. Upstairs, Zelda reveals to Hilda that she took Lady Blackwood's firstborn child who is a girl. She feared what Blackwood would do if he found out about the child. Zelda believes that they can keep the child a secret and raise her together, she and Hilda. However, Hilda informs Zelda that she's moving out of their bedroom.

Some time later, Captain Lanser is in his cabin aboard his U-boat, recording that night's kill. His second-in-command, Lt. Mueller, is deeply troubled by their not warning the people on board the ship before firing upon them, and wonders if the U-boat crew are not all damned, and will answer for their crime by reliving the act for all eternity. Granted his own private hell as the man who ordered the massacre, Lanser returns to the deck of the Queen of Glasgow as the nightmare begins again.

It's a good thing \"House of the Dragon\" has turned into a massive hit for HBO because there is no way this was a satisfying ending for the \"Game of Thrones\" prequel series -- instead, it's one of those endings that leaves you breathlessly awaiting what's to come."},"_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"1077c818ffe06870a3e7100a2941fdf8","aside":false,"text":"George R.R. Martin had previously said that it would take about four full seasons to tell the tale of the Dance of the Dragons, so we're about a quarter of the way through and already all hell is starting to break loose.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:article-block:1-0-0","etag":"2432df500696f0c167ce9e7aafbdfb48","aside":false,"node_ref":"toofab:article:046fddfb-3c0f-458d-a381-9a207ada4e68","show_image":true,"image_ref":"toofab:image-asset:image_jpg_20221023_7e47bca706944c65b427177dfb05cd40","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"b4fe227eb930b959ec233884a95caf46","aside":false,"text":"The penultimate installment of the season last week focused almost entirely in Queen Alicent in the aftermath of her father's death. In the following two days, she had to deal with this loss and the discovery that an entire plan was already in motion to anoint Aegon king before Rhaenyra even finds out her father is dead.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"d016e5515b8a923b052c3f91772b4d0e","aside":false,"text":"That hour ended with Princess Rhaenys escaping her captivity and even securing her dragon. She had a chance to end the conflict in the moment she busted through the floor of the Dragonpit and confronted both Alicent and Aegon, but she did not, opting instead to fly away.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"1c263edb389207558e06bb53121d4064","aside":false,"text":"So that's basically where things pick up at Dragonstone, where Rhaenyra and Daemon have been living their lives essentially awaiting the arrival of a message that Viserys had died and it was time for her to return to King's Landing and her place as Queen of the Realm.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"8dea2d92aa24f5956820cb9b971b5471","aside":false,"text":"Instead, she got Rhaenys with news that her father was dead and Aegon had already been crowned king.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:article-block:1-0-0","etag":"331e4bf95971c4b283eaac3ef7a8dd1d","aside":false,"node_ref":"toofab:article:2c15bed8-b18a-47b0-9eee-a315d89ef7fe","show_image":true,"image_ref":"toofab:image-asset:image_jpg_20221021_788684427d81474daf75dba2acfae9f0","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"77b425542b5a5f95548433b45bf6d1a1","aside":false,"text":"Rhaenys Refuses to Take Sides","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"14af22cbdeff9af0abcd1805d42722f9","aside":false,"text":"Rhaenys choosing to stay out of the battle for the throne in the beginning could well be one of the reasons the Dance of the Dragons happens at all. Had she simply wiped out Alicent and her line of succession with one blast of fire, this would all be over.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"336236a394c9184b78f8afd7fb39b721","aside":false,"text":"She did go to Rhaenyra to deliver the news, but again she insisted that she would not be taking sides in this war. She had been pushing her husband for years to stay out of it, but like most men in this show, his ego and ambition always gets the better of him. Sometimes, though, it is time to take a stand.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"9903401290c3979b597f1cda8f80a6f2","aside":false,"text":"Daemon Offers Kingsguard a Choice","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"2f972353edd1c3a06c87470f294a373d","aside":false,"text":"Rhaenyra receives this word while pregnant, and some combination of the shock of Rhaenys' news sends her into early labor. As such, she commands her boys do not make any overt actions with her lead. She is the rightful queen and they are her heirs, so the succession must be honored.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"d2cfdcfdcd522d85606339bb153282a5","aside":false,"text":"But while she is trapped with labor pains at this critical junction, Daemon is ignoring her cries and instead focused on securing their allies and positioning them for war against the Hightowers. When Jacaerys tells him to stop at Rhaenyra's orders, he offers to show him what true loyalty is.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"2b777e90d97f5fd39e60c7df89627521","aside":false,"text":"He then has Jacaerys watch as he offers the officers of the Kingsguard a choice -- either swear fealty again to Rhaenyra and her heir, or die a hot death by dragonfire. Daemon understands control through power and fear. We're getting a hint that Jacaerys may have picked up some of this bloodlust, which could also make him a bit unpredictable at such a critical time.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:article-block:1-0-0","etag":"a797c65e3f04d7b7ba69729ae9da2097","aside":false,"node_ref":"toofab:article:36a724a1-26fa-4fe8-bf12-a33afe5606cc","show_image":true,"image_ref":"toofab:image-asset:image_jpg_20221021_b35449cd444b43cc9c619900246cfa37","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"657c8d3c54d372ab9523f6eae71fedf8","aside":false,"text":"Rhaenyra Delivers Her Own Baby","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"469b604b84390265fbaaa5f766de1662","aside":false,"text":"Sidelined through her own succession, such as it is, Rhaenyra is so frustrated and angry that she rejects any help from the midwives present. Instead, she delivers her own stillborn son crouched in a corner through sheer force of will. She did take a moment for a proper funeral service, an event that was somber for multiple reasons.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"39da1ba7170c5f8c891593f8befb37e3","aside":false,"text":"If she doesn't have the necessary support for her claim, could her reign be as her child, dead before it even had a chance to begin? Is this service a mourning of what should have been and now may not be? What is the right path forward?","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"93a0a581b4eec41711d4ca3a70636e05","aside":false,"text":"Erykk Brings Rhaenyra Viserys' Crown","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"2e1d93ffca7a6d4cbdd7ed8295a27ba1","aside":false,"text":"In a moment perhaps more symbolic than anything, Ser Eryyk Cargyll arrives with King Viserys' crown. He offers it up to Rhaenyra and swears fealty to her. While this is just one person, he represents to Rhaenyra the idea that it's not a foregone conclusion that the real will reject her because she is a woman.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"a33906d00ea93fae619a03672b23a752","aside":false,"text":"There are those people out there, and even in King's Landing, who will support their king's wishes and his chosen heir. It's an empowering moment, as well as a deeply emotional one as Daemon crowns her with her father's crown while everyone in attendance kneels -- except for Rhaenys, still refusing to take a side.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"74484f30ad4710ca6f38fbf14903a294","aside":false,"text":"Otto Presents Aegon's Offer","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"6a25dece3246c63e131316d8e20baadd","aside":false,"text":"Drunk with power, as always, Otto himself arrives at Dragonstone to present King Aegon's most generous offer to Rhaenyra. If she will bend the knee to him and declare him king, Aegon is prepared to give her Dragonstone and name her children heirs there. Lucerys will inherit Driftmark, young Ageon will be the king's squire and young Viserys his cupbearer. On top of that, he'll pardon any knight or lord who \"conspired against his ascent.\"","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"9041bb97594cb3947dbcc9c99c812eb8","aside":false,"text":"Daemon immediately shuts down the possibility of accepting these terms, but Rhaenyra holds him back, saying they'll have their answer \"on the morrow.\" Otto's confidence and arrogance are on full display here, as he's incredibly vulnerable in a place with dragons and enemies like Daemon. And yet, he seems to feel invincible. He's probably riding the high from having successfully pulled off this coup.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"0ce3fda2bf4ac465fa0b79a7853f83e6","aside":false,"text":"Now, he just needs to get Rhaenyra and her family in line (and not of succession) and there can be peace ... so long as he wins. Plus, we're pretty sure he'd probably plot to kill them later, anyway. After all, he told Alicent that Rhaenyra would have to kill her boys to protect her claim to the throne, so he surely also thinks Aegon will have to kill Rhaenyra's kids to protect his.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:article-block:1-0-0","etag":"06b33dc4bdfae674b74b3df24a24d7de","aside":false,"node_ref":"toofab:article:1d70e321-8590-476a-bb55-4a49f65e56b7","show_image":true,"image_ref":"toofab:image-asset:image_jpg_20221021_b8ebf4b1b70e4301a9376f9b9c34f8d2","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"1c994350c2a9dbc9155ab9dc6ba2be72","aside":false,"text":"Rhaenyra Seeks Path to Peace","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"96854d59d8ea3dc7c0609c8b23b5bb88","aside":false,"text":"As Daemon and their advisors and generals and other men of war stand around a very cool map with names and other markings illuminated by fire below, Rhaenyra brings a lot of her father's gentleness to the room. While they're ready for blood, and Daemon perhaps most of all, Rhaenyra reveals she's actually considering Aegon's offer.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"f9d59fcbf1731d7d28e0116daa7e652e","aside":false,"text":"Her father gave her the responsibility of maintaining the peace in the realm. As she sees it, that goes beyond her own ambitions and ego. Taking Aegon's throne means war, which is not something she should walk into lightly. Daemon is a creature of impulse who believes you fight fire with a volcanic eruption. He can't stand the thought of even considering another option because -- well, remember that thing we said about men's egos and ambitions. Let's throw pride in there, too, while we're at it. Dangerous all of them.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"28a2abd1184dc41d2a1c56247bc4fa87","aside":false,"text":"Daemon Chokes Rhaenyra","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"8bc2cebb30784d8c6bae45a321023e2f","aside":false,"text":"As if to prove what a loose cannon and wild child Daemon still is, we get a scene where Rhaenyra tries to confide in him her bigger mission, which has to do with the \"Song of Ice and Fire\" Viserys told her when she was younger, the threat from the North they had to be united to face when the time came.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"b5fcbf9286437218c995dfdf541b0f3d","aside":false,"text":"In response, Daemon choked her to the point of her not being able to breathe and said that Viserys was lost in his dreams and omens, calling his rule feckless. \"Dreams didn't make us kings,\" he tells Rhaenyra as she struggles to breathe. \"Dragons did.\"","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"e738f043b60c4013caf10084522aec2c","aside":false,"text":"The fact that he could do this to a woman he'd just crowned, knelt do and declared is queen proves that Daemon will always do what Daemon wants, and what he says and does has no value or meaning even as he's saying or doing it. He is a true wild card in the most dangerous way with the world at such a delicate point on the precipice of war.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:article-block:1-0-0","etag":"ecc1b451fee831f3bdaf9843008c2af0","aside":false,"node_ref":"toofab:article:f4fc2e02-8d81-4371-b77b-1bdd468d3d18","show_image":true,"image_ref":"toofab:image-asset:image_jpg_20221021_322ecca8220b44778d9c8d50fc7d1ee3","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"08284090ca6f6097cb576e145904eaad","aside":false,"text":"Rhaenys Defends Rhaenyra to Corlys","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"6e4e4d52ed2c6cc59948f720dc0ac177","aside":false,"text":"After having been sick for a long time, we get our first look at Lord Corlys Velaryon, alive and better than even he expected to be. Rhaenys is by his bedside and chastises him for running away to adventure when she needed him.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"2b13cce0a68d25a0efb1a990e54d0635","aside":false,"text":"He tells her that he finally sees what she's been saying and that he'd been lost in his -- you guessed it -- ego and ambition for the Iron Throne. He decided to just retire from it all and do what Rhaenys has been doing all this time, declare for no one. But something had changed.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"5768551a1de6133bdfd983b28eaa966b","aside":false,"text":"It was seeing how Rhaenyra was ruling in her earliest moments. She wasn't being reckless and rushing in to war like Daemon (and most men) would like. Instead, she was being thoughtful, considerate and wisely doing everything in her power to try and avoid as much bloodshed as possible. She also reminded him that their granddaughters are betrothed to Rhaenyra's heirs, who are clearly in danger from the Hightowers.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"6c2b6644f0dce060147cd40bfeda7e8a","aside":false,"text":"Rhaenyra didn't win her over through brute force or threats or even demands. Instead, she proved herself to the woman who would have been queen, and that's all the difference. That's a true loyalty born from faith and trust, rather than expectation or fear.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"8cda66f3e9bf1b113804917b45c99888","aside":false,"text":"Corlys Swears Fealty to Rhaenyra","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"ba5c1f498cfc7cfe4a6c79aa2e1294d7","aside":false,"text":"Upon hearing his words, Corlys enters the war room and declares his fealty to Rhaenyra, as well. HIs is a strategically significant victory for her claim, as Driftmark rules the seas with the greatest and most powerful fleet in all of Westeros.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"d98640b24b36984188c5ac47b3ebce72","aside":false,"text":"What's more, as they're trying to figure out how they'll have any chance at taking King's Landing, he reveals that he also secured the Stepstones, threw down the Triarchy and now has completely control of the Narrow Seas, which can be used to squeeze King's Landing by controlling access into and out of its ports.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"f95b3cac94c52bcd637b3c8849491ce1","aside":false,"text":"Despite all that has happened betw


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