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[S8E3] The Bizarro Jerry |BEST|

At the time of its original airing, John J. O'Connor of The New York Times explained why he found the episode fun: "'Bizarro Jerry' has found Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) entering a world of virtual reality with a new boyfriend who eerily resembled Jerry except that he was reliable and considerate. Moreover, his friends were physical clones of George and Kramer (Michael Richards). 'It's like Superman's opposite,' observed Jerry, pinpointing the bizarro of the title. Meanwhile, Jerry was dating a beautiful young woman whose only flaw (flaws are inevitable on Seinfeld) was having man's hands: meaty paws, whined Jerry, 'like a creature out of Greek mythology.' Kramer drifted incomprehensibly into a corporate job in which he 'finally found structure' and was able to strut about with a briefcase full of Ritz crackers."[4]

[S8E3] The Bizarro Jerry

When Elaine decides to just be friends with Kevin, she is introduced to the "bizarro world" clones of George and Kramer. George uses Susan's death to try meet women. Meanwhile, Kramer pretends to work at a prestigious firm.

Like something from a "Superman" comic book, this episode finds Elaine making three new friends, each representing a "bizarro" version of Jerry, George, and Kramer. Meanwhile, George finagles his way into a secret underground club filled with gorgeous models. Having slightly less luck is Jerry, who's dating a woman with oversized "man hands." 041b061a72


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