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[S2E14] Leaving Los Angeles [UPDATED]

Then, we see Sheriff Mike (Corey Reynolds) leaving a voicemail for Detective Lena. After rambling on for a hot minute, he finally asks her on a date. At that moment, Deputy Liv (Elizabeth Bowen) enters the fray, mentioning Mike and Lena popping out 10 kids together. Uh-oh. That remark might throw a wet blanket over the proceedings.

[S2E14] Leaving Los Angeles

Chuey is surprised to see Ruben and asks him if he bet on the game today. Ruben tells Celia that Chuey helped him win a thousand dollars on the game, although Sam nearly lost it for him with his horrible pass. Ruben asks Chuey about the team's chances in the championship game and wants to know if any players get injured during practice. Sam interjects, telling Ruben that giving away information like that is illegal and no scout is going to give them a scholarship if they find out they've been cheating. Ruben responds that he won't tell anybody and laughs. Before leaving, he tells Celia she has until Friday, then he expects delivery one way or another. Chuey wants to know what Ruben was talking about and Celia covers by saying that she's sewing some shirts for him. Sam and Chuey look at each other in confusion for a moment, then Chuey and Celia go back out to the party.

Noticing Celia's worried expression, Sam decides to confront Ruben before he leaves. He thinks that Ruben is the reason he's there and says that whatever is going on between Ruben and Celia is going to affect Chuey somehow. He tells Ruben to stay away from Celia and Chuey. Ruben calls Sam a punk, then laughs and tells Sam that he's talking like a man. As he gets into his convertible, his expression turns cold and says he hopes Sam is ready to be treated like a man. Then he drives away, leaving Sam to stare after him in concern.

Ruben threatens to call immigration and turn in Celia as an illegal immigrant, which makes Chuey angry. Sam assures Chuey that because Manuel is an American citizen, the marriage will make Celia a legal citizen too. Chuey hugs Sam, then leaves to follow Celia and Manuel, leaving an unhappy Ruben watching them go over Sam's shoulder. Al urges Sam to "do it" and Sam spins around to give Ruben a "Roar, Jaguar!" salute. As his fists slam down on Ruben's shoulders, however, he suddenly leaps.

In the Hyperion Hotel, Angel stands at the spot the team used to gather before and shoves a pile of papers off the desk. He then goes to get some information regarding Wolfram & Hart out of Merl, who is leaving town, and is reminded of the fact he fired his friends and hasn't thought to check on them.

But as it turns out, they're more devoted on working on something computer-related, having considered the sketch a lost cause. Abby's getting very jealous and when Palmer arrives with the sample, she signs the Evidence Chart and leaves to go to work with Palmer leaving seconds later while McGee and Erin begin working again. 041b061a72


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