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Date: 1/04/03 Keeper: Geopelia Category: Souvenir The life-sustaining device in the Hoodoo. Each water tower is marked with strange patterns and local serial number by the residents. On the joint railing of the District Eight water tower, there is an eight-legged horse and an infinity sign on the horseback. The water tower measures 30 meters in height and 8 meters in width. It has a cylindrical shape arranged in a group of four, three of which are purifying circulatory system, and one is the storage tank. The purifying installation has two inlets and five outlets, the inlets being for air and river water, and the outlets being for purified water into the storage tank, and waste water into the sewage tank. The waste is then again branched into three and pumped up into the engergy network, sustaining the circulatory system. Serial Key

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The most interesting trend in the development of the Internet is not how it is changing people's ways of thinking but how it is adapting to the way that people think. The leap in Internet usage that accompanied the appearance of the World Wide Web more than a decade ago came from its user interface, the graphical browser, which worked around the serial, line-based processing of the actual computer hardware to simulate a familiar visual world of windows, icons, and buttons. The changes we are seeing more recently include even more natural interfaces (speech, language, manual manipulation), better emulation of human expertise (as in movie, book, or music recommendations, and more intelligent search), and the application of Web technologies to social and emotional purposes (such as social networking, sharing of pictures, music, and video) rather than just the traditional nerdy ones.

"Online addiction" has long become a technical term in psychiatry. Many young people (including an increasing number of university students) suffer from attention deficits and are no longer able to focus on old-fashioned, serial symbolic information; they suddenly have difficulty reading ordinary books. Everybody has heard about midlife burnout and rising levels of anxiety in large parts of the population. Acceleration is everywhere.

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