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Career Milestones

June 2012 - May 2014

EY Publishers - Editor

DEPUYSYNTHES/JOHNSON & JOHNSON, Oregon and Washington                                                                              [2011-current]

Medical Device Sales/Franchise Liaison /Customer Education Specialist

  • 8 years of continual sales growth, exceeding all annual sales quotas and top producer in key accounts. Over 4 million annual total joint sales.

-Co-awarded top sales honors (A1a Cup) in highly competitive health system, 2013-2019

-Awarded cross selling honors of $3 million Synthes trauma business unit, 2013

  • Established robust, long-term, peer relationships with KOLs, executive stakeholders and scientific partners – engaging decision makers with mutual scientific exchanges and data dissemination to increase market share of entire JnJ portfolio.

  • Designed and implemented staff education and weekly in-servicing, KOL education events, public education seminars, and cadaver training for HCPs. Franchise liaison through well established, high value relationships. Responsible for dissemination of accurate up-to-date clinical, scientific and medical information.

June 2012 - May 2014

Freelance Ghostwriter

WESTMED-PALO ALTO FIRE, Santa Clara/Monterey, California                                                                                      [2000-2002]

Critical Care Paramedic/EMT Trainer

  • Demonstrated consistent clinical leadership with focus on patient-centered care in highly critical, life threatening environments.

  • Field Team leader, worked in conjunction with Medical Control, LifeFlight, Fire Rescue in multi-disciplinary operations for medical and trauma patients.

  • Awarded top honors as First call Paramedic for Monterey County, 2005.

June 2012 - May 2014

Delray Project - Content Writer

AVENUE MEDICAL PRODUCTS/A1Ainc., Oregon and Washington                                                                                [2013-2019]

Target Sales Specialist/ Sales Educator

  • Lead sales educator and internal specialist; a field facing role with emphasis on collaboration with sales teams and internal business units – utilizing communication skills, and educational expertise to drive business growth. Collaborative successes:

Pacira pharmaceuticals: $1.1million growth over 5 years Orthomedix: avg year to year sales growth of 280%, 2016-2019

Ethicon, JnJ: 6 new product introductions totaling 800k in total revenues Synthes Trauma: achieved 90% market share in Central Oregon by year 5

Irrimax, Irrisept: established 5 new product channels through OR advocacy and support

  • Build knowledge and engagement of scientific and systems’ value for pharmaceutical partners. Responsible for data dissemination and discussion with KOLs and HCPs. Collaborated with partners on varying formal and small educational events and trainings.

  • Top producer, engaging external stakeholders with information exchange for therapeutic areas. Responsible for recognizing and strategizing new product alignment, market expansion, and strategic market analysis. 5 years of collaboration with multiple business units and franchise partners to achieve annual growth and top revenue production for entire portfolio.

June 2012 - May 2014

EY Publishers - Editor, Silicon Valley, California                                                                                                                                     [2000-2002]

Territory Manager/Mentor/Educator

  • Network Associates b2b software sales division; North America/Asia

  • Support overall business objectives and strategy for organization.

  • Consistent top earner, collaborator, and sales team mentor.

  • Implemented new hire training program.

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